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Lisdoonvarna 83: When Rock n Roll came to Co. Clare

TwoTon Icon: Rory Gallagher The Lisdoonvarna festival was the inspiration and benchmark for the many Irish festivals that have come to pass. Likewise Rory Gallagher, one of the festival’s most memorable performers, has inspired generations of Irish musicians. We look at both are a true representation of Irish culture. Long-haired, feckless abandon. But in conflict with […]

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The Irish and the Choctaw Nation

The Irish and the Choctaw Nation: Bound through suffering Two seemingly unrelated cultures, the Irish and Native American Choctaw tribe share a unique bond of friendship. This is a story of how at one of Ireland’s greatest hours of need, another oppressed culture came to it’s aid. The 1840’s are widely considered one of bleakest […]