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Craft beer. A new national treasure.

Here at Two Ton Murphy we’re all for great craft beer. And beer that’s authentic, unique and a true reflection of what Ireland has to offer always comes up trumps. Ireland is fortunate to be home to some quality craft beer. So we thought we’d give you a look at what we think are some of the best craft beers on offer right now. These
are genuine labours of love and from the taste straight through the packaging you can see how much craft is put into producing them.

Independent Brewing:

Connemara Cascade
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Brewed along the Wild Atlantic Way in the depths of Connemara Independent Brewing have been crafting quality beers for the last two years. Independent Brewing have been established recently but are a well-known and popular microbrewery. This is in no small part due to their variety of accolades from bodies such as the Global Craft Beer Awards. Independent Brewing offer an impressively large variety of Ales, Stouts and IPAs. They have some barrel-aged whiskey and wines too. We personally recommend their latest brew; the Connemara Cascade, which brings a nice fruitiness to the typical American Cascade taste.

Mountain Man Brewing Company:

Mountain Man have been on the go since 2012, and were the first craft beer brewers tMountain Mano emerge from West Cork. They’ve some really eye catching packaging including a gloriously-bearded man for their logo. They’re all about doing things a little bit differently, Beer for people who colour outside the lines as they say. And with names like Hairy Goat Sneaky Owl and Green Bullet they make sure their beers live up to that idea. Green Bullet is a perfect choice for the summer BBQ and goes great with a burger, but it’s light enough to accompany most foods.

Boyne Brewhouse:

Stationed just outside Drogheda, Boyne Brewhouse are the latest brewers in a historically strong region for beer, and set to be a major player in the coming years. What should help them achieve this is the

Boyne Brewhouse

seriously impressive brewery they’ve developed alongside the distillery of their sister company; Boann Distillery.  Such is the scale and quality of the site, you’ll be able to take guided tours early next year and learn about the whole process of craft brewing, with tasters of course. Currently Boyne Brewhouse offer a Copper Ale; Pagan’s Pillar, a German Pilsner; Long Arm, and an APA; Born in a Day. Long Arm is a particularly interesting offering. It’s similar to a typical Pilsner but with an Irish take on it, so it’s a bit heavier, if still very well balanced.

Manor Brewing:

Mont Here’s some craft beer trivia for ya, Manor Brewing can proudly lay claim to being the highest craft brewery in the country, lying at the foot of the Wicklow Mountains in Manor Kilbride. Based in a restored bell tower that previously stored barley for Guinness own malt house, Manor Brewing take advantage of their unique location and use pure mountain water for their own brewing process. Currently Manor Brewing only have one beer on offer, fortunately it’s award winning and unique. Mont is a premium Pilsner which is being classed as Ireland’s first super-premium craft beer. But it has the accolades to back up the claim, wining gold for the Lager prize at the All tech brews and food festival last year.

Hope Beer:

Hope Beer Coming from the heart of Dublin’s North side, Hope Beer are a relatively recent newcomer to the craft beer but have wasted no time in establishing themselves, opening a new brewery just this year. Hope Beer are offering three brews at the moment, an IPA; Handsome Jack, a Saison Beer; Grunt, and a Pale Ale; Pass if you can,named after the Dublin town land of the same title. Supposedly it gained it’s name from an infamous 19th century highwayman, Michael Collier. Which even in an industry well known for its creative origins, is a fantastic backstory and title. It’s another excellent light blonde Ale that’s perfect for the summer.

Reel Deel Brewery:

The last brewery wead like to tip our hat too are out back wesht, in the heart of Mayo. If you like your beers hoppy then Reel Deel will be right up your alley. Owner Marcus Robinson had been brewing as a hobby sReel deelince the 80’s but decided to pursue it as a career around 2009. Marcus is a strong believer in quality ingredients, such is his preference for using a healthy amount of hops for flavour, and time. The end result is a series of quality and unique beers. Reel Deel have three beers on offer at the moment; Irish Blonde, which is actually an Amber Ale! Jack the Lad is a Pale Ale and finally, Say Nowt Stout, which is quite the wonderful name. Say Nowt Stout certainly brings something different to the table and the subtle chocolate malt flavours mean it goes perfect with anything sweet.

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So there’s just a few of the various excellent craft breweries that can be found on these shores. We heartily recommend you go try out as many of them out as you can and support some great independent Irish businesses. In fact, that’s a TwoTonMurphy® order! Now, if you excuse us, next rounds on us.

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