Lisdoonvarna 83: When Rock n Roll came to Co. Clare

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TwoTon Icon: Rory Gallagher

The Lisdoonvarna festival was the inspiration and benchmark for the many Irish festivals that have come to pass. Likewise Rory Gallagher, one of the festival’s most memorable performers, has inspired generations of Irish musicians. We look at both are a true representation of Irish culture.

Long-haired, feckless abandon. But in conflict with a quiet soul at heart. A classic Irish stereotype. That was Rory Gallagher to a tee. Completely at home in a quiet pub having a pint but a different animal on stage. Eric Clapton, Brian May, Jimmy Page, Johnny Marr, Slash⦠a who’s who list of greatest guitar players to walk the Earthâ¦and every single one of them happy to say how Rory inspired them. Not that he’d have paid any heed. A grafter, genius, craic merchant but more than anything, a genuine person. An icon. A TwoTon Murphy’® icon. It wasn’t just Rory’s once in a generation talent and humble personality that made him a cult hero to so many. Rory never forgot where he came from, and through the 70’s and 80’s his Irish Tours have gone down in legend. In a time when his homeland was in political turmoil, Rory insisted on touring the island at least once a year. One of his most memorable appearances was at the Lisdoonvarna festival in 1983. And just like Rory, this was an event that captured that Irish spirit perfectly.

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Lisdoonvarna 83′: When Rory came to Co. Clare

Long before boutique❠camping and needing a credit union-assistance, there was the Lisdoonvarna festival. For six glorious years Ireland had its answer to Glastonbury. Classic Irish Feile, meets the festival standard of hippies, students and backpackers deep in Co. Clare. You imagine it’s the sort of environments that Gallagher would have been at home in. And by all accounts he certainly delivered, surrounded by contemporaries like Christy Moore and Van Morrison. Lisdoonvarna really is one of the most underrated events in the last 3 decades in Ireland’s culture. Without it, no Slane, no Witness/Oxegen, no Electric Picnic. And maybe it just did it better. No eye-gouging prices, no X-Factor nonsense making an appearance, no apocalyptic weather making an appearance, well⦠But really what made Lisdoonvarna so unique was that real Irish sprit at the heart of it that’s at the heart of TwoTon Murphy® too. People of all shapes and sizes meeting up with one thing on their mind; pure craic. Rain, hail or shine, it didn’t matter. Few cans, be grand.  Maybe a flagon or two tooâ¦Gigs over? No bother, back to the tents, someone will kick start another session. Keep er’ lit.

Inspired by that perfect mix of free spirt rebellion and Irish craic our Lisdoonvarna 1983 tee blends the classic festival atmosphere with the Irish trad culture that blended so well together. Available in grey for both men and women, the design features a fiddle player morphed by a 60’s acid art style that has become associated with festivals of the same era, not least Woodstock, the birthplace of this unique culture. The words Lisdoonvarna music festival 1983❠which surround the image are similarly represented in a style that is so easily inspired by a unique culture, and a unique era in pop culture.

Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll meets a real Irish session deep in Co.Clare. Now that’s a TwoTon Murphy® kinda party.

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